Basic Spring Trip Planning

I will be sending out the trip request form to the administrators very soon for our 2014 Spring trip.


We are tentatively doing the following: 

- Leave on Friday, May 16th at 4:30pm

- Stay the night in New Braunfels, TX

- Schlitterbahn (not the one from two years ago, the better one) on Saturday

- San Antonio Symphony on Saturday night

- Stay the night in New Braunfels

- Drive to Galveston on Sunday and go to Moody Gardens

- Beach time and dinner in Galveston

- Stay the night in Galveston

- On the way back to Lewisville on Monday, we will take a tour of the Blue Bell Creamery

- Arrive back at LHS around 6pm


Please feel free to comment on this "blog" with any thoughts.  (this is our first test of using a discussion page instead of back and forth emails)